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'Holdon Log Inspires Performers With Free, On-Demand Webinars’
(June 14, 2010)

Holdon Log ~ "The Standard in Performer Organizational Tools", which is the parent company of the #1 Business Tool for performers, PerformerTrack, announces the first of their On-Demand Webinars at PerformerWebinars.com, entitled...

'PerformerTrack: 'Union Members Save Time & Money With PerformerTrack'
(February 18, 2010)

The AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) Membership Department has just announced to its membership that the Income Statements have been mailed. The Income Statements will assist AFTRA in calculating...

'PerformerTrack: Statistically-Speaking 'The Breakdowns' Of A Performer's Career'
(February 8, 2010)

PerformerTrack announces the launch of 'The Breakdowns'; the much-anticipated new section within the program that reveals statistical breakdowns of a performer's career

'PerformerTrack Joins Team TOMI'
(February 4, 2010)

One day you're an artist, going out on an audition, rescheduling your day to include studio time or developing that new script. Mostly you're headed to work, hustling to make ends meet or simply trying to piece the finances...

'PerformerTrack: Making The PR Hat Easy To Wear For Performers'
(October 13, 2009)

PerformerTrack, the prominent Web-based career management tool for working performers, released a noteworthy update to their ever-growing online application; "Contact Exporting"...

'iPhone Web Clip For PerformerTrack Members On The Go'
(June 22, 2009)

PerformerTrack released its very own iPhone/iPod touch Web Clip for their members. Web Clips are one-tap shortcuts from the iPhone/iPod touch's home screen to the user's favorite Web applications...

PerformerTrack - 'Trust-ed By Its Users'
(April 28, 2009)

PerformerTrack announced today the launch of two new reporting and exporting features within the program; ChildTrust Reports and PerformerTrust Reports...

PerformerTrack - 'Over $12 Million In Tax-Deductibe Expenses Logged' (April 15, 2009)
PerformerTrack has compiled aggregate data pooled solely from its U.S. user-base to discover that over $12 Million Dollars in performer-related tax-deductible expenses has been successfully recorded through the application for the 2008 tax year...

PerformerTrack - 'Rise Of The Video Game Actor'
(February 11, 2009)

It’s a sign of the times, PerformerTrack has now incorporated ‘Video Game’ as the 17th Project Type that Performers can select from when logging their Auditions, Callbacks, Bookings and Direct Bookings...

PerformerTrack - '101 Updates: The Webware Advantage'
(November 20, 2008)

In less than 2 months since Holdon Log's launch of PerformerTrack, the Webware designed specifically for performers to log, track and manage their careers, the company has announced the 101st update to the online application...

PerformerTrack - 'The Primary Management Tool For Performers' Launches
(October 20, 2008)

Holdon Log, 'The Standard in Performer Organizational Tools' celebrates its 8th year in business with the launch of PerformerTrack. This web-based career management tool for performers effectively conquers the complexity of a performer's day-to-day business through the simple and efficient use of technology...

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